The Furnery is part of Vince Group
The Furnery has been part of the Vince Group since January 1, 2021. In addition to The Furnery, this organization has a strong furniture wholesaler in Southeast Drenthe region (NL) with no fewer than seven warehouses. Ordered today, delivered tomorrow. This is facilitated from our own built software system. As a dropshipper in the furniture industry, Vince Group is an absolute trend setter!

Our labels

Production in Asia

In Asia, chairs and bar stools are produced in our own factory. The factory hall is located near Beijing and the office and showroom are located in Shanghai. From China, Vince Group not only produces for its own labels, but also for retailers in South Korea, for example. In addition, the group purchases products in five other countries.


Multiple B2C labels

In addition to its own production and wholesale, Vince Group also has its own B2C labels in five different countries. For example, many trucks full are shipped to Germany, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom every day. With these labels, the Vince Group also has several showrooms in the Netherlands and in Frankfurt.


Explosive growth

The Vince Group employs just under 200 people. The company started in 2008 and is currently growing 100% per year. The forecast is also for a growth rate of 100% for 2021. Through The Furnery, the Vince Group not only wants to excel in custom furniture, but also set up mass production in its own country for both its own labels and for external parties.


Mission & Vision


Entrepreneurship without boundaries within as many international market chains as possible by continuing to invest in entrepreneurship and process optimization, in combination with the personal development of our people from an expertise-driven organization.


The most progressive universal furniture group stimulated by unlimited entrepreneurship.