Our possibilities
With enthusiasm and passion, we will make your project a guaranteed success.

Private projects

Our furniture makers are genuinely happy with custom furniture. An exclusive kitchen, a beautiful walk-in wardrobe, a unique dining table or a luxurious office. The Furnery can make literally anything!

We think along with you. Can't figure it out? We will come up with a tailor-made solution. We know the unlimited construction possibilities as well as all the advantages of the various materials.

Precisely because of the expertise of our colleagues, we are a permanent partner of the Dutch TV program Van Woonvilla to Droomvilla. Come to our Experience Center and discover all the possibilities.

Corporate projects

Perfection in every detail is what makes a project successful. In addition to a beautiful design and the finest materials, we take into account:

  • A project stands or falls with correct planning
  • We work precisely and efficiently
  • We select materials that best suit the project in question

Robotic machine park

We have robotized machinery that makes mass production a daily occurrence. Our planners manage our assembly team, which enables us to renovate the largest holiday parks in Europe in a short time.

Exclusive possibilities

The Furnery provides furniture customization with experience. Thanks to years of experience and the latest knowledge, The Furnery also makes your dream a reality. The Furnery applies high-level customization; with enthusiasm and passion we make your project a guaranteed success. We work for the most impressive names for a reason. In Projects you will find exclusive projects that we have realized. Share your dream interior with our consultants and we will ensure that your dream is perfectly realized. Your wishes are central to finding a suitable design. This leads to exclusivity and perfection down to the last detail. The Furnery exceeds all your expectations!

Exclusive possibilities


The Furnery works for the most famous brands in the leisure industry. We consider it a great privilege to be able to renovate hundreds of houses in which thousands of people can enjoy a relaxing holiday every year. Not only design plays a role in this, but also making the furniture vandal-proof.


Many shops have already been fitted with custom furniture by the Furnery. In addition to design, user-friendliness and convenience are of great importance. We think along with the retail and always come up with the most innovative solutions.


Several hospitals in the Netherlands have now been fitted with custom-made furniture from the Furnery. Safety and convenience are of great importance. The Furnery is proud of its deliveries to the healthcare sector.


Many restaurants and other catering establishments have been furnished by The Furnery. The look & feel within the hospitality industry is of vital importance. Atmosphere, experience and of course ease of use. The Furnery understands the wishes of the hospitality industry and always creates the icing on the cake.

Exclusivity and perfection

Exclusivity and perfection are important values of The Furnery. The Furnery has turned customization into an art. With enthusiasm and passion we give everything to make your project a success. Perfection down to the last detail makes your exclusive project a success!

The latest materials

The Furnery always uses the latest materials. Because of our intensive relationship with suppliers, we always try to be the first to have the most innovative materials available. The need for these innovations in combination with the knowledge of our qualified professionals results in dream interiors.

Inspiration and translation

We listen, inspire and translate your wish into your dream interior. Are you looking for a total solution for furnishing your home, office or restaurant? Together we create your dream interior with artisanal accuracy; that's The Furnery! 

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