Our factory
We'll make it.

Robotic machine park

Our factory is already largely robotized. This enables us to process large numbers without errors.

Qualified craftsmen

Our craftsmen and women have the right training and have all the knowledge and skills to ensure a perfect end result. Above all, they are extremely passionate!

Selected suppliers

Good enough is not good enough for us. We only work with the best materials and select our suppliers of semi-finished products accordingly.

We deliver

Complete custom solutions

Our factory is the right place for a customized solution. We have various options that make every project a success.

Tell us what you want

We always say "yes"

Tell us what you want and we will find an opportunity to make your wishes come true. Our machine park is flexible and that is why we can make anything. We have a strong and carefully selected network of partners in the Dutch Twente region with whom we cooperate, if we do not have the required expertise in-house.

  • The best machines
  • The best materials
  • The best craftsmen

Have we convinced you?

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can you deliver?

Depending on your wishes, it is possible to deliver quickly! For an exact indication, it is important to coordinate this with each other in the case of customization. Our machines are running at full speed and The Furnery is committed to achieving results as quickly as possible!

More than customization

Are you looking for a total solution for furnishing your home, office or restaurant? We are part of a larger furniture group and therefore have many options. You will also succeed in purchasing other furniture from us.

Visit our factory

Part of our production is located directly behind our Experience Center. We are happy to give you a factory tour, so that you get a better feeling about the quality that The Furnery communicates.

Safety and Order

The Furnery is committed to keeping the safety and order of our factory at a high level. Our factory meets all safety requirements and we continue to invest in safety and order, In addition to safety, a neat and orderly workplace automatically ensures tidiness in the work. And it is precisely this cleanliness that must ensure that your project is delivered perfectly.

Become a partner?

Do you think your expertise can become part of our partner network? We are only interested in the most driven and best craftsmen. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us.